Friday, 12 October 2012

Bubba boy Quilt

my baby boy's quilt FRONT A little early (currently only 27 weeks pregnant) but I was determined to get this one done sooner rather than never! With Miss E, I had the most awesome Heather Ross quilt planned, along with curtains, sheets, toys I was going to make when I went on maternity leave. Somethings you just cannot predict and my little preemie princess was born at 32 weeks so I never had to time to do any of it, and the fabric is still sitting there. Lucky my gorgeous friend made Elsie a lovely quilt so she had an awesome playmat for mothers group!
Back to the quilt! I bought this Saffron Craig fabric at a quilt show a few months ago. I love the blues and greens together and I thought it would work well for either boy or girl depending on what colours I put with it! Boy it will be so some other blue solids got thrown in. I decided on the lone star again - I think it might be my favourite pattern - so quick to make!
my baby boy's quilt very close The back is a snug piece of Anna Maria Horner flannel. I quilted with each if the diamonds and then echoed around the lone star. my baby boy's quilt BACK
originally I was also going to appliqué the name we had chosen, but as that is still in discussion, it missed out. I can't wait to meet he little guy and have his first photos on it!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Baby Eva's quilt

Or why I should pay attention when reading patterns... Baby Eva's Quilt Quick little quilt for Baby Eva that has been sitting in my "to do" pile for a while - especially as she is already 7 weeks old! I kinda used The Blueprint Textiles "Insignia Quilt" tutorial - gotta love those chevrons! I originally read the pattern - loved it - but am also a bit lazy. I don't have a 60 degree triangle - just a 45 degree one, so I made a mental note that I would have to amend the pattern slightly. Was on a fabric cutting bender one night so I decided to cut out the fabric - of course forgetting to amend. So my chevrons are a bit knobby! Baby Eva's Quilt close up Oh well! Fabrics used - a lot of Ann Kelle, some Lizzy House and a few other randoms Quilted - a giant off centered chevron Baby Eva's Quilt back