Wednesday, 30 January 2013

January progress

Well apart from litle Mr Clyde keeping me busy, he has also allowed me to get some sewing done over the past few weeks (wow can't believe he is 4 weeks tomorrow!) while I haven't felt motivated, or had the energy to tackle the "big" projects I need to tick off I have managed to do a few small things here and there - and most importantly snuck in a sneaky fabric order while hubby was away working for the week. I like to think of it as a present for Clyde as I saw and fell in love with Safari Soriee by Dan Stiles for Birch Oragnic - and as I am currently waiting for hubby to finish painting a giraffe on a set of drawers for my new little man I thought it would go well! So I ordered a fat quarter bundle - no plans yet for it...but soon!
A few other things accidentally fell into my cart to make shipping worthwhile, including a mini charm pack of Aneela Hony's Posy. Über cute girly squee is not my usual style or Miss E's but there are a few bubba girls making an appearance this year and I like the green with the pink. So playing around with the mini squares I came up with this heart. Only problem now is that I want to make it into a quilt but I need some more and bigger pieces! *sneaky ebay order for a charm pack done*. So more to come later... Charming Posy
I also finished the Feb bee block for the Simply Solids: {a modern bee} for Adrianne in NZ. She requested HST and sent through some fabrics. I was a litle unsure of the colours to begin with but as it came together I certainly dig the colour combo and think it will be a strikingly beautiful quilt when finished. Feb-Fallow group block
I also made a start on the Pile O Fabrics Skill Builder BOM. I decided to make it completely scrappy as I don't really want to purchase fabric for it- I am more interested in learning some new techniques. I am using a light grey as the background and some of the Spotlight Denyse Schmidtt fabric as the backing - but the rest is what ever is in my scrap box. Trying to do a turquoise/yellow/bright pink/dark grey combo but we will see!
Block 1 : Soundwave Soundwave Block Skill Builder BOM
Block 2 : Magnum Block 2 : Magnum Block

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Quilt for baby Angus

This was one of my 2012 finishes - a quilt for the adorable baby Angus! A new bub for one of my mothers group folk, it was actually a quilt I started ages ago but had lost momentum soon after starting it. It contains all sorts of random fabric goodness - Laurie Wisbrun, Jay McCarroll, Heather Bailey, Ta dots, bicycles and bugs! I appliquéd a heart and "Angus" into it and quilted a giant "A" into it. I backed it in one of the Denyse Schmidt fabrics from Spotlight - never been an overly big fan of her fabrics but this print I am absolutely in love with! Even went back to buy some more and discovered it on the bargain rack plus they were having 30% off fabric that day so I may have purchased a larger quantity than I told hubby...
Trying to take some pics was hard - kept getting photo bombed by Little Miss and Puppydog Nala.

Quilt for Baby Angus



Friday, 11 January 2013

A bit in love

With baby Clyde...