Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rain rain... Happy mail day

What an icky day in Sydney- blerghhhh!
So far my day has been filled with tantrums, kids not sleeping, dogs wanting a walk and general coldness. Then my doorbell rang and like a ray of sunshine my postman delivered me 4 packages (well three for me and 1 for hubby - but at the moment I am living a delusional fantasy that it is a present for me - reality it is probably dog worming tablets) anyway back to the three packages. Firstly my Simply Solids Block for May from Adrianne from New Zealand. I have put all the ones I have together and am loving it!
Simply Solids Fallow Group : May ... So far for my scrap vomit B Blocks
I need to make up a few of the A blocks but I am leaning towards putting all the B Blocks in the middle and the A blocks on the outside as a border. I will certainly need to have a play!
Second package was my order from Craft Depot in their May sale. I needed some fabrics to make some bunting for my sister-in-laws wedding - it will be a surprise so no pics on this one. But I did sneak in some Amy Butler Lark - $7.95 a metre - that is cheaper than overseas! Miss E immediately grabbed it and said "mummy, blanket for ME" so her morning tantrums were all erased. Sorry Elsie - that fabric is for me!
The third package was a prize from the Sew Mama Sew giveaway - all the way from the Netherlands! Muriel from Hopfaldera sent me some awesome little crafty items, including the cutest owl fabric!
Now if only those rain clouds would go away - I have a few quilt finishes I need to photograph so I can share!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Where are the pirates mummy? Blogger's Quilt Festival Spring 2013

Welcome to the Blogger's Quilt Festival - Spring 2013 hosted by Amy at Amy's Creative Side

The Quilt I am entering is a modern eye-spy quilt I made for my daughter completely made from scraps. For me it is actually quite a special quilt as every window has its own story for me. There is fabric I have used in my projects over the years. So there are bits that remind me of friends and family and hopefully Elsie will be able to match up the fabrics in years to come.

MissE's Car Quilt
Miss E's Car Quilt Close up

I have been on a major scrap bust this year. Many hours have been spent in front of the TV going through my scrap box (which was actually 3 boxes!) sorting them into different size squares and strips. I started fussy cutting some 2 3/4" squares. There are a few repeats of fabric - but each piece is of a different story. Again using scraps I created a film strip look with different colours to create the windows.


So that gets me to the title of this post - 100 fussy cut squares for the quilt top and little MissE spent about 10 minutes (which is impressive for a 2 1/2 year old) looking at it excited to see giraffes, owls, butterflies etc and she looks at me and asks "Where are the pirates mummy"? It seems we like pirates at the moment, and while my stash does not contain pirate fabric (how embarrassing!) I did have a pirate ship. So I made another 2 rows for the back and appliqu├ęd her name.


And to make it even more scrap friendly, I used a scrap piece of bamboo batting and the binding is made up of all leftover binding from other quilts. I have used some gorgeous Golden Book fabric for the backing that was leftover from making some library bags. I just love all the little characters from my favourite childhood books!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to drop by some of the other amazing quilts at the festival.

Size: 30"x 38"
Quilting: simply straight lines by me
Category: Favorite Baby Quilt

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Oops did i start a St Louis 16 patch...

Mmmmm I started eyeing off the St Louis 16 patch quilt the other day and thought that looked quick and fun. But I couldn't justify starting another project at the moment and I did not think I had any fabric suitable. Then as I was tidying up my sewing space I came across a stack of Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow Fat quarters. They were destined to be a quilt for the bed, but I never got around to it. We have since moved and while I still love the fabric I don't think it is "me" or our place at the moment. Plus I since started my Washi quilt which I am excited about!
Still needed that justification... Looks like my lovely Aunt has decided to get married at the end of May instead of later in the year! Yipppeeee there is the means and the motive!! Got 4 squares done tonight :)