Thursday, 2 May 2013

Oops did i start a St Louis 16 patch...

Mmmmm I started eyeing off the St Louis 16 patch quilt the other day and thought that looked quick and fun. But I couldn't justify starting another project at the moment and I did not think I had any fabric suitable. Then as I was tidying up my sewing space I came across a stack of Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow Fat quarters. They were destined to be a quilt for the bed, but I never got around to it. We have since moved and while I still love the fabric I don't think it is "me" or our place at the moment. Plus I since started my Washi quilt which I am excited about!
Still needed that justification... Looks like my lovely Aunt has decided to get married at the end of May instead of later in the year! Yipppeeee there is the means and the motive!! Got 4 squares done tonight :)

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