Monday, 25 March 2013

Sydney weather = happy place

Gorgeous Sydney weather and nephews birthday parties kept me busy this weekend! Happy 3rd birthday to my gorgeous nephews Jonah and the twins Max and Xavier, and Happy 1st birthday to little Fox! I usually like to give handmade pressies to them but I have run out of ideas! They all have quilts, cubes, library bags, texta rolls, cushions. I might have to venture into toys for next year! Any suggestions?
onto other presents... I finally finished some placemats for my sis-in-laws engagement pressie. Purple and Green were apparently the colours that both of this was what I came up with! Placemats
They seemed like a good idea at the time - until I got to the binding - 32 mitred corners = not fun.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

March Bees & BOMS

I must admit - I am loving the Skill Builder BOM, especially the FMQ. I have always been a straight line quilter, sometimes sneaking some curves in but always with my walking foot. So it was quite daunting to use the darning foot to FMQ. The block this month were the Em-Dash
FMQ Em Dash
and The Mood
FMQ The Mood
I am getting used to the circles/pebble quilting but still quite wonky!i had one triangle the wrong way round in The Mood but as it contained precious coveted Anna Maria Horner Good Folks fabric it was staying that way!!
My 4 blocks together so far...
First Four
The March block for the Simply Solids: a modern {bee}was for Kirsten who requested a X and + block from the stash.
March block : Fallow Group
Hubby was admiring this block hanging on the door so it looks like there might be a X and + quilt in the future...

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A few Charity Quilts

I sometimes randomly create quilt tops - might be remnants from a few quilts or a random fabric pull or i do have a pile of 6" squares. At first I was keeping these as "in waiting" quilts for when friends had babies but then I always seemed to make them another quilt that was more personalised with fabrics about them. So when a friend from Baradine mentioned that the Baradine CWA were collecting quilts for those affected by the Warrumbungle bushfires in Janurary I knew what I wanted to do with them. The drive is called Caring with Quilts and details can be found at the link if you can help.
I love the Warrumbungles! My Nanna lives nearby in Coolah so we are out that direction often. We have been to the Warrumbungles a few times and they are gorgeous. So it is devastating at how fast those fires came through and the destruction they caused.
The quilts I sent off where two baby/kids quilts. Charity Quilt #2 Front Charity Quilt #2 Front Close up
I FMQ some large bunting on the quilt - to match the back of the quilt (which is an ikea bedspread!)
Charity Quilt #2 Back
Charity Quilt #1 Front Charity Quilt #1 Back

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I think I have an obsession

2 1/4 inch squares. I am in love with them! It all started with just wanting to use up some of my scraps - no nothing gives me more joy than cutting them out and sewing them together! I love the anti voodoo chain piercing method from Poppyprint and the randomness of making a scrap vomit quilt but most of all using up my scraps!!! So far I have made my posy love quilt, making progress on my scrap vomit quilt - 4 blocks done, numerous other rows sewn but just need to cut some more
#scrapvomit quilt
also started on a bit of a crazy, quirky quilt for a friend that has a great big multicolour 2 inch squares ninja star on the back - as well as Nelson Mandela, some Scortish tartan, Packman and Ninjas (more to come later) #craziestquiltever Mandela,ninjas,packman and tartan And now now placemats for my sis-in-law for an engagement pressie
Also started fussy cutting some of the squares (these are a teeny bit bigger at 2 3/4 inches). Hopefully I will turn these into a car quilt for the kidlets - kinda a funky eye-spy quilt. #fussycutting
Now need to start finishing them all (she says as 2 new projects are sitting on the sewing table) and seriously considering a Scrappy Trip quilt...