Sunday, 18 September 2011


Golden Horseys by craftykat
Golden Horseys, a photo by craftykat on Flickr.

Been busy rolling out a few more baby quilts lately! Firstly this lovely Golden Horseys quilt for one of the bubbas in my mothers group. I got her in the secret gift draw for their first birthday. Little Bridget loves horses so somehow I had to incorporate them into the quilt. I did not have enough time to order fabric from OS so I raided our local spotlight. How hard is it to find cute horse fabric? I was lucky I found a fairytale panel on the bargain table - and on of the bits of the panel was magical horses which I used on the back. Then I was going through my stash at home and found I had some Heather Ross Unicorn Far Far Away fabric = score! I used most of it on the back of the quilt. The fabric in the front was random bits from my stash.
Golden Horseys back

A few other quilts I did for friends - Green Circus with some Laurie Wisbun Urban circus fabric, and Hot Pink Flowers with more random bits.

Green Circus

Green Circus back

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Quilt for Oof

Quilt for Oof by craftykat
Quilt for Oof, a photo by craftykat on Flickr.

Wowsers it seemed like I started this a while ago. A selection of lovely African fabrics with a rainbow of Kona colours for my friend Ruth's 30th. (and yes, in true lateness she will be 32 in December). It was part of the Oh Fransson Paintbox Quilt-a-long
Oof (as people of the toothless variety call her) loved it! She has spent a bit of time in Africa (Tanzania, Uganda) doing good stuff and she could identify most of the fabrics used. And her test to see if it was authentic? Lick the fabric - if it is salty it's real (and it was). She then preceded to lick some of my other fabrics...tsk tsk

Back is some scraps + Timeless Treasures Wild Thing fabric. Bit scary from a distance but I love all the animals in it - very "Where the Wild Things are".

Quilt for Oof