Sunday, 18 September 2011


Golden Horseys by craftykat
Golden Horseys, a photo by craftykat on Flickr.

Been busy rolling out a few more baby quilts lately! Firstly this lovely Golden Horseys quilt for one of the bubbas in my mothers group. I got her in the secret gift draw for their first birthday. Little Bridget loves horses so somehow I had to incorporate them into the quilt. I did not have enough time to order fabric from OS so I raided our local spotlight. How hard is it to find cute horse fabric? I was lucky I found a fairytale panel on the bargain table - and on of the bits of the panel was magical horses which I used on the back. Then I was going through my stash at home and found I had some Heather Ross Unicorn Far Far Away fabric = score! I used most of it on the back of the quilt. The fabric in the front was random bits from my stash.
Golden Horseys back

A few other quilts I did for friends - Green Circus with some Laurie Wisbun Urban circus fabric, and Hot Pink Flowers with more random bits.

Green Circus

Green Circus back

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