Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A few Charity Quilts

I sometimes randomly create quilt tops - might be remnants from a few quilts or a random fabric pull or i do have a pile of 6" squares. At first I was keeping these as "in waiting" quilts for when friends had babies but then I always seemed to make them another quilt that was more personalised with fabrics about them. So when a friend from Baradine mentioned that the Baradine CWA were collecting quilts for those affected by the Warrumbungle bushfires in Janurary I knew what I wanted to do with them. The drive is called Caring with Quilts and details can be found at the link if you can help.
I love the Warrumbungles! My Nanna lives nearby in Coolah so we are out that direction often. We have been to the Warrumbungles a few times and they are gorgeous. So it is devastating at how fast those fires came through and the destruction they caused.
The quilts I sent off where two baby/kids quilts. Charity Quilt #2 Front Charity Quilt #2 Front Close up
I FMQ some large bunting on the quilt - to match the back of the quilt (which is an ikea bedspread!)
Charity Quilt #2 Back
Charity Quilt #1 Front Charity Quilt #1 Back


  1. the quilts are great........thanks so much for making 2 quilts........

    1. No problem Chookyblue! I did not realise you were Julia's sister until she told me the other day. I went to school with her!