Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rain rain... Happy mail day

What an icky day in Sydney- blerghhhh!
So far my day has been filled with tantrums, kids not sleeping, dogs wanting a walk and general coldness. Then my doorbell rang and like a ray of sunshine my postman delivered me 4 packages (well three for me and 1 for hubby - but at the moment I am living a delusional fantasy that it is a present for me - reality it is probably dog worming tablets) anyway back to the three packages. Firstly my Simply Solids Block for May from Adrianne from New Zealand. I have put all the ones I have together and am loving it!
Simply Solids Fallow Group : May ... So far for my scrap vomit B Blocks
I need to make up a few of the A blocks but I am leaning towards putting all the B Blocks in the middle and the A blocks on the outside as a border. I will certainly need to have a play!
Second package was my order from Craft Depot in their May sale. I needed some fabrics to make some bunting for my sister-in-laws wedding - it will be a surprise so no pics on this one. But I did sneak in some Amy Butler Lark - $7.95 a metre - that is cheaper than overseas! Miss E immediately grabbed it and said "mummy, blanket for ME" so her morning tantrums were all erased. Sorry Elsie - that fabric is for me!
The third package was a prize from the Sew Mama Sew giveaway - all the way from the Netherlands! Muriel from Hopfaldera sent me some awesome little crafty items, including the cutest owl fabric!
Now if only those rain clouds would go away - I have a few quilt finishes I need to photograph so I can share!

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