Thursday, 25 June 2009

my sunday scrap project

At the moment I am trying to get organised and move my craft corner (which is a series of tubs - way too embarrassing to photograph) to a cupboard with all these nice little boxes I got from Ikea. As part of the process I have been trying to use up scraps - mainly because I know they will sit there for years and I will probably never get around to using them - and of course it is a great form of procrastination.

I have decided that Sunday afternoon is my trying to use up scraps day. And because it is winter and the last few weekends have been wet - it has been the perfect excuse to put on an old movie and sew! So week 1 I decided to do some little log cabins using yellows and purples. I am not sure what my next step with this one will be - I might add some more fabric or turn it into a doll quilt. I paired this one up with Marilyn's The seven year itch

Week 2 I thought I would try Film in the Fridge's String Quilt Block tutorial. I have never done paper piercing before and lucky we had a new phonebook arrive the otherday so I could tear out the pages of the old one to use. I had fun making this one (+ it uses up some of the bigger scraps). I think I will be making more! While making this one I watch K Hepburn & Bogat in The African Queen

I still have a lot more scraps to go....

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