Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Quilt for Claire

Back at the end of November I suddenly realised that my wonderful sister-in-law would be turning 30 in a few days time. I usually do quilts for peoples 30th - and while most people are usually turning 32 by the time they actually get their quilt, I decided that I could easily whip a quilt in 3 days. Also not factoring in that I had a 3 month old to look after - I was determined to get it done!! Well I did not make the 3 day deadline - though I did manage to get it all cut and about 1/2 pierced. Fast foward 3 months later ... and its done. I used Oh Franssons New Wave Quilt pattern teamed with some of Amy Bulters Love Fabric and some Kona Solids.
Love! Quilt for Claire

and the back

Love! Back

I love the pattern (well I do love everything designed by Elizabeth Hartman)but I probably need patterns that are a bit more forgiving with seams lining up. There were a few unpicks involved and not many of the seams line up but I don't mind. A handy tip is to pin from the centre when sewing strips together - at least if your seams don't match it is a bit more even then from starting at the top and then the bottom seams are very jagged.

Front close up
Love! Quilt for Claire

Back close up
Love back!

I actually hand sewed the binding on this one instead of machine sewing. Very time consuming but I do love how it looks. Little Miss E kept staring at the quilt so i would lay it on the bed and do some of the sewing with her in the middle of it. This quilt almost did not make it to Claire because E loved it so much.

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