Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Nesting - Part 1: Painted Chevron Rug

Nesting was never something i got to do with Miss E as she arrived at 32 weeks - and i was so disappointed as i had awesome ideas about what i wanted her room to look like! oh well bubba number 2 has given me some time, and we have a new place and they get to share a room so the nesting has begun!
Problem : Don't you just hate it when you have something pictured in your mind but then you can never find exactly what you want! Well I decided long ago that I wanted a yellow chevron rug bam smack in the middle of their room. I found a few overseas but nothing in Australia and in my budget. Solution: Then I came across a few tutorials about painting your own Ikea rug (a good one was Brilliant! And I live just down the road from Ikea, so I acquired a rug, some yellow Taubmans paint, hubby found some fabric medium and some painters tape. All set!
Well if someone who is 35 weeks pregnant decides to do something silly like this - please stop them! Hands and knees I crawled round measuring and taping all morning.
DIY chevron rug
I had some help from a good friend for the painting - that was the easiest bit! I left it to dry for a few hours and then started ripping off the tape. The tape going along the grain was the hardest to remove - I would probably buy better quality tape next time. I didn't have and problems with bleeding - so happy! The fabric medium said I needed to heat set it - how lazy is this - it was one of those stinky hot days in Sydney so I just hung it on the line!
So happy with the results! And Miss E loved it when she got home!
Total cost :
Ikea Rug ERSLEV. $50
Taubmans sample pot $8
Tape $2
Fabric medium (I think) $10
Total = $70



  1. That rug is soooooo cute! Thanks for sharing that... And no probably not to advisable when one is pregnant!

  2. What a great idea and a great looking result. Hi from another of your new bee people. Congrats on your new addition/edition.

  3. Thanks! I still smile when I look into the room and the rug is not covered in toys and books!