Sunday, 16 June 2013

Spinning Stars FINISHED!

Finally finished the binding on my Spinning Stars Quilt! Have already spent many wintering nights snuggled under it on the couch!
Spinning stars

I was so excited when I realised that my precious Amy Butler Wallflower print went perfectly with all my reds in the quilt. I was hoarding it for a special project and so excited that I got to use it on my very own quilt!

Spinning stars

So that is now Goal 1 of my FAL Q2 complete! yeah!

she can quilt

Now the only problem is that I came out the other night and found hubby under my blanket! Tsk tsk. So I finally found the motivation to start his quilt which I have been collecting fabrics for a number of years for. I have been secretly making it during the day while little man has been asleep and even sneaking some sewing in after hubby has gone to bed. I was aiming to have it finished by the start of the week for his birthday but he was sick last weekend and has been home most of the week. It's been driving me crazy as I only have a few lines to quilt!! here is a sneak peek!

Love straight lines :)

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