Thursday, 29 August 2013

Fly the Flag QAL Week 3

I have been happily plodding along with the Fly the Flag Quilt-a-long. I went back to work this week from 9 months of maternity leave so i was expecting to fall behind on this one. Sewing seems to be my relaxation method in the evenings after the kids are in bed.
My aim is to make twin baby quilts for a pregnant friend of mine. I have chosen an orange and aqua theme, with one quilt mostly orange with a hint of aqua and the other one the opposite.
Fly the flag
I used my equaliterial triangle template to cut out the flags instead of the template in the pattern. I think my flags turned out a little smaller. Oh well! I have started on the Orange quilt but have the Aqua cut and ready to sew.
Fly the Flag Quilt 1
I also added some little hiding peek-a-boo pictures under some of the flags.
Fly the flag peekaboo

Fly the Flag Quilt 1


  1. Great kids's quilt, love the hiding pictures especially!

  2. Love this idea! it looks so great.

  3. Those peekaboo pictures are just adorable!

  4. so adorable - a nice twist on I spy