Saturday, 31 January 2009

baby boys...

I recently was visiting a friend over in Perth and became a godmother to her little girl. Her mother had created this amazing quilt for little Zoe and it gave me inspiration to make a quilt for another friend who had just had a little boy Maximus. I have tried making quilts for boys before and have had a horrid time trying to find suitable fabric. Well little Maximus' father owns a demolition company - so I could not go past Michael Millers Dig it! fabric and I also found some David Walker Robots fabric. For the backing I found a cute print at the local spotlight store that was gingham and had trucks and mixers etc

The great thing about this quilt is the little velco shapes that will be highly educational or make great chew toys. Also when he is old enough we can just unpick the velco and it can be a normal quilt. and just cause i had some leftovers I also made a cute little double sided bib and appliqued at detour sign on a little singlet.

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  1. your detour onesie is sooooo adorable! great idea..thanks for stopping in to my bloggie!