Sunday, 31 May 2009

quiet but busy!

oops ... i was supposed to update this right? Been a bit busy the last few months - new job - holiday planning - trying to tidyup the place - trying to use up scraps- buying more fabric!!!
A few weeks ago I was getting ready to migrate my sewing junk pile corner into a new cupboard and I decided instead of putting everything straight in there I would sort things out and finish things! As a result I found I had some old cut up sheets, a pair of pjs with an unfortunate rip, binding and scraps left over from a view different projects. The result .... and a chance to practice my applique - some cute little kimonos and pillowcase dresses made using the patterns of Habitual at

First up we have thekimonos. The cute butterfly material is my friends pj pants. So I gave it back to her to give to a high school friend of ours that just had a baby. My friend also took a few more to give as presents! I made them all the smallest size so they are for 6 months olds. Others have been given away and I have 2 left waiting in my emergency gift pile.

Butterflies and Windmills
Balloons, Dots and Diamonds

Kites, Butterflies and Dots

Next is the pillowcase dresses. I made these for 18 month olds - as I calculated when it hits summer in Australia again my beautiful god-daughter Zoe should fit into them. And the brilliant thing is that when they no longer fit as a dress they should fit as a top! So the butterflies and the pink damask went to Zoe and the others are in the emergency present pile. (the dresses would probably look better modelled - but alas - don't know many 18 month old in the same city as me!)


  1. Congratulations! You won my blog giveaway. Please email me (see blog) to forward me your name and postal address.

  2. YOUR A WINNER! i hope that you are reading your comments. i couldn't find your email listed anywhere. let me know before weds. your address so i can mail your sewing goodies, otherwise i have to redraw!

    thanks for playing over at sneezerville.