Sunday, 29 April 2012

Tats and flutters

Another baby quilt this time for one of K's friends (I can't help it - my friends friends keep reproducing!)I have had the quilt top of this one done for a while and finally got to finish it once we knew the bubba's name. It was hard finding the right fabric for this one. The Nursery was going to be done in purple and brown with a theme of butterflies. I actually had a hard time finding some - then I found the Timeless Treasures Rock On fabric - butterflies and tattoos --- ohhh --- K had mentioned that the mother was quite partial to tattoos -- perfect. Though not purple or brown or really goes with either of those colours, so I decided that it would be the back. For the front I found some gorgeous butterfly fabric called Les Jardin des Papillon from Clothworks. I also made a cushion and soft block to match for the baby shower.
Front Papillon Quilt front
Bubba Tags Papillon Quilt - tags
Back Papillon Quilt - back
Block and Cushion Papillon Cushion and Block

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