Monday, 7 May 2012

Working to a deadline...

Wow what a productive week I have had! Finished 2 quilts that were in my almost complete pile! (Almost complete = having the quilt top done). I was working to a deadline for a birthday party and a visit from a friend who lives far away! Quilt No. 1 - LoneStar Quilt for my beautiful mermaid, orange fan, cat loving friend C I have made quite a few baby quilts for C's friends so she got a little bit excited when she realised I did adult quilts. This one was for her birthday. I cut into my precious Heather Ross Mermaid fabric (well worth it!)and some Dear Stella fabric and a few other randoms in there. This was the first quilt I made using my Westalee Ruler so there a few errors that only I can see (ok most quilters would probably notice the ends of my stars missing). I also decided to free-motion quilt from the centre in almost a curvy watery way. It was the first time I free motioned but I was so happy with the results!!!
Front C Quilt Front
Close up C Quilt closeup
Even closer C Quilt closeup
the back C Quilt Back
Baby Quilt for Noah Next was a baby quilt for another friend's friend. She picked out the main fabrics Alexander Henry's Just Hanging as a gender neutral fabric. I thought it would be fun to use Film in the Fridge's tutorial on the converging corners and hack into my scrap box. Well baby Noah came a bit early so he got his name on the front and some more boyish colours on the back. Photos are a bit dodgy - sorry!
Quilt Front Noah Quilt
Noah Quilt
Noah Quilt back

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