Thursday, 4 April 2013

Nesting {Part 2}

This is a continuation of my previous post of how I doing up the kidlets bedroom on the cheap! Firstly there was the painted chevron rug now we have a dresser and some bunting for Mr Clyde and a new doona cover for Miss Elsie!
The Dresser
Mr C's dresser
This was upcycled from a set of drawers we found on Gumtree. It has been finished for a while (though Clyde was about 6 weeks old when it made it into the room!) Hubby did most of the work, but hey I was heavily pregnant so I have an excuse! He took off a lot of the original trim and sanded it back. We had a bit of a domestic in Bunnings deciding on the paint. The one we originally settled on just didn't work for me after the first coat so I decided on a navy and funky blue drawers. I loved the idea of a painted giraffe, but I have pretty much no artistic talent at all - lucky hubby does!

I got a new toy! 60 degree triangle template!! So I immediately had to use it - perfect for some bunting!

Mr C's space

Miss E's new Doona Cover
Her bed is only half painted - we ran out of time before we moved her into the big girl bed. It is the same blue as the Drawers on Clyde's dresser.
Here Doona cover is a mix of fabrics - Chevron, Stripes and Peacocks. The back is lions and chevron.

Still a bit of work to do on their room but it is slowly getting there!

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