Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Simply Solids : a modern {bee} May instructions for Fallow Group

Yeh, May is my month in the Simply Solids: a modern {bee} for the Fallow group. I am asking the lovely ladies to construct the Scrap Vomit B Blocks in 2" squares using their own stashes. For the layout you will need
13 x 2" squares of Fabric A
8 x 2" squares of Fabric B
4 x 2" squares of Fabric C
24" x 2" squares of random solid fabrics - the more the merrier! I don't mind if there are multiples of fabrics in there but please use at least 6 different fabrics for the random section.
Fabric A forms the bigger diamond but I would also like the very centre square to be fabric A as well. The layout is below
Simply solids May example for Fallow Group

Instructions for putting together the Scrap Vomit B Block can be found at I'm a ginger monkey


  1. On to it Craftykat. Call me old fashioned, but couldn't we have had something a bit more seemly than 'scrap vomit"?

    1. You should have heard my husbands reaction when I told him I was making a scrap vomit quilt! Yes, a very unfortunate block name indeed!