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Here we go again -2013 Finish-A-Long 3rd Quarter Goals!

she can quilt

I am being a bit ambitious for my 3rd quarter goals - but i did a tidy up and found a few outstanding projects. I thought it would be better to document them here than forget about them! I may have also secured a childcare spot for Mr C three weeks before I am due back at work - so that means for 3 days for 3 weeks I will be child free - bit scary but I reckon I need to do a lot of sewing as therapy in preparation for returning to work!

1. Washi Quilt
This is a carry over from the last quarter. I would love to have this done by Summer for my bed!
What needs doing: border, back, quilting and binding.

Washi Bedspread UFO

2. St Louis 16 Patch
I may have accidental started this and finished the quilt top last quarter. It is currently basted and awaiting quilting - it is a monstrous size so I am waiting for a chance that I can dedicate a few nights quilting it.
What needs doing: Quilting and binding.

St Louis 16 patch basted

3. Tsuru Quilt
Another accidental start. I was waiting until I finished my Washi quilt before starting this but I could not help myself! I am using the Sew Mama Sew modern Block of the Month. I am totally digging the Navy and Orange Combo!
What needs doing: 3 blocks, and everything else!


4. Simply Solids Quilt - Solid Scrap Vomit Quilt
Mmmmm might need a better name for this quilt! The lovely ladies from the Simply Solids Bee have kindly made me some awesome B Blocks. I still need to decide on the layout - but my A Blocks are ready to roll. My little girl decided to rearrange them all the other day and asked if it was going to be a "beautiful quilt" for her - cheeky monkey!
What needs doing:  sewing the blocks together, quilting, binding

layout option A

5. A and A Wedding Quilt
This is a must to finish for my sister-in-laws wedding at the end of October. I am using the Sew Mama Sew Modern Block of the Month again - in a purple and grey scheme. I will need to add an extra 3 blocks to finish it off, but I will remain hush just in case she sees this!
What needs doing: finish blocks, back, quilting and binding

Modern Block of the Month2

6. Mr C's Car Quilt
Well last quarter I finished Miss E's car quilt so of course I then started creating one for my little man. I have cut out 80 squares but still need to go through my scrap pile to cut some more! I think I will use a different layout but it will still be an awesome I-spy quilt!
What needs doing: finish cutting blocks, quilting and binding

Mr C's car quilt

7. Elsie's Bento box quilt
Wow, this is another one from a while back that I was aiming to be done in time for my daughter's first "big girl" bed (which she has been in since Jan) Using Ashley from Film in the Fridge tutorial and one of my most favourite Amy Butler prints and some coordinating solids - I would love this on her bed for summer! I actually ended up making a winter doona cover for her bed so at least she had some lovely handmade goodness on her bed. Sorry for the poor pic!
What needs doing: finish blocks, quilting and binding

Bento box WIP

8. Kate Spain Quilt
I starting playing with a mini charm pack of Kate Spain Cuzco a few weeks back. I just need to add two borders.

Cuzco mini charm

9. Alchemy Quilt
A jelly roll and charm pack may have accidentally fallen into a shopping cart a while back and I started to play with a few different layouts. Not sure how this will evolve but I am keen to see!


10. Enchanted Forest Quilt
A carry over from last quarter.

Baby Quilt UFO

So yeah - slightly ambitious but I have been in a quilting groove of late. Not to mention one of my bestest friends in the world is pregnant so I need to get a baby quilt done and another friend is pregnant with twins - so lets add another two to the pile!

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  1. That's a good list! Should keep you out of trouble for a bit! Love those big scale projects and nice to see the scrap vomit quilt coming together!