Tuesday, 2 July 2013

FAL Quarter 2 Round Up

she can quilt

Ahhhh, we have reached the end of the quarter for the Finish-a-long at She Can Quilt. 

Sadly i didn't finish all my goals - but shock horror did a whole lot of finishes not on my list. Motivation and Inspiration are funny things! My original list is here. So my goals and progress for Q2 were

1. Spinning Stars Quilt.
The Aussie winter was fast approaching so BAM finished the hand binding one night while watching Monty Python's Meaning of Life! Oh how I love having a quilt for myself - so comforting!
Before shot
Spinning Stars UFO

After Shot
Spinning stars
You can read about my finish here
2. A Car Quilt for MissE.
Another Finish! I loved making this for my little girl - she loves looking at all the pictures on it. It has even made a trip into childcare for all the other kids to play ispy on. 120 squares in total. And I must be crazy because you will see version 2 of this in the next quarter list.
Before Shot
MissE's Car Quilt UFO

After shot

You can read about the finish here  

3. Washi Bedspread
Sob, sob- sadly no progress was made. 

Washi Bedspread UFO 

4. Kids Quilt #1
Sad face - no progress
Baby Quilt UFO

5. Kids Quilt #2
Yay a finish!
Before shot
Baby Quilt UFO

After Shot
Retro owls
Read about it here
So 3 out of 5 isn't too bad. Next quarter will be interesting as I only have 2 months of maternity leave left and a pile of projects that I want to get done!

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