Wednesday, 11 December 2013

New Cushion for ME!

My 11 month old is mobile and he has discovered my little stash of fabrics that I keep in the dining /sewing area. I mostly keep fabric for current projects and the last fabric order or two cause I am a bit lazy. As I started to pack it all away I found my three waterfront park fabrics and decided to do something with them before they get absorbed into the stash! Oh and there was a lovely low volume pack from pink castle fabrics as well...


Teeny log cabins with strips just 1 1/2" wide with some sweet carrot Essex linen (which is being used for another project) as the centre. I made all the log cabins and could not decide what to do in the centre so I winged it. As math was not my strong point it failed so I sliced and diced and it turned into what it is! 

New Cushion

If I had more waterfront park I think I would have kept going as I think this would look awesome as a quilt - but then it would probably never leave my WIP pile so it turned into a cushion. It is fairly big and fits a size 20 cushion nicely.

I followed Adrianne's lapped zipper instructions and I will certainly be doing more cushions like this!

Cushion back

I feel very satisfied with getting this completed and am one more step into making my home reflect me as a crafty artist. Is there anything wrong with giving myself a cushion for Christmas? Let's say it is from the kids!

Linking up with Ms Midge and the Christmas Cushion Blog Hop . There are certainly some lovely cushions to check out here!

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  1. Ooh yay! I can comment! I adore this cushion! It's given me some great inspiration for my bundle of Waterfront Park waiting to be a quilt! Thanks so much for joining in!