Thursday, 20 September 2012

grown-up boy quilts...

Batch of brownies
I am beginning to love a challenge. Apart from baby boy quilts, I have never really embarked on the "man quilt". I will say never really as I may have promised hubby one, and have collected fabric but have had no inspiration for it. My good friend Mr G, godfather to my cute little bug (actually he is quite happy to let people think he is the father!) has eyed off various quilts I have made for friends - even his lovely lady , asked me to make a few baby quilts for his friends and then proceeds to hug them for a while. So why not? Colours were easy - greys, purples and a bit of yellow for fun. He is a bit of a car fan, likes to dress as a pirate on the odd occasion and used to be quite a goth boy! He is also a psychologist so I started my fabric collecting with Laurie Wisbruns Tuffed Tweets and those couches - which I am positive he would want in his office. I used the Batch of Brownies pattern from Elizabeth Hartman's first book (so another one ticked off) I actually had it finished for quite a while but was puzzled and un-inspired on how to quilt it. Hubby suggested a random square spiral - I did not think I had the patience to make one big one, so i opted for little ones in each of the brownies.
Batch of brownies closeup front
The back is those wonderful couches and the ghastlies!!! they were his favourite part.
Batch of brownies back Batch of brownies back close up
Now the only problem is, I may have overhead Mr G and his lovely lass discussing whose quilt goes where on the couch. Ahh Happy Days! oh and I better get used to making boy quilts ... one is on its way!!!

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