Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sleep is certainly overrated

I couldn't help it - I just needed to sew the first block of the spinning stars quilt! I had just finished the late shift at work and was a little hyped up, also realising I probably would't get a chance to sew for a while as we had a super busy weekend. I decided sleep could wait (said the 24 week pregnant lass who had to work the next day) and sewed to well past midnight - which is late for me and I got a giggle out of the coffee girl the next day when I pleaded for a large coffee! I love it - it's crazy, it wild - it makes me want to do a little dance... Can't wait to get more done. And dang it - my weekend was so busy I am buggered and can't do any sewing tonight =sad face First block done - crazy heh?

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